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Simple Lifestyle Adjustments You Can Make to Improve Men’s Fertility

Men who suffer from low sperm count or poor sperm motility have a number of different options they can consider for improving their odds. Sometimes, it’s just a few simple tricks that can be applied which can serve to greatly increase your chances. Use the following three suggestions to naturally improve upon men’s fertility by making some simple adjustments to your lifestyle.

Reduce Testicular Heat

If you have ever wondered why the testicles hang lower from the body when you are hot, it’s because they are protecting the sperm from damage that could be caused by excessive heat. Similarly, when you are too cold, the scrotum will shrink up against the body to better retain heat and to protect the sperm from cold that could cause damage. Common bad habits to avoid to reduce testicular heat include: not wearing tight fitting jeans or underwear, avoiding using a sauna or a hot tub and sleeping in the nude.

Better Manage Stress

Stress is a killer, as numerous studies have confirmed. Stress causes the entire body to become imbalanced. It also causes a detrimental hormone to be emitted called cortisol. This hormone not only depletes healthy levels of testosterone, but also created free-radicals (damaged cells) that can attack healthy sperm. Instead, manage stress with meditation, yoga, massage therapy or various hobbies in addition to getting plenty of sleep at night.

Save Sex for the Bedroom

If you frequently masturbate or have sex often try to reduce the occurrences of this. This is because your body will actually store more sperm, which can then be ejaculated during the ripest ovulation window. This will help to increase the chances of conception naturally. While some people think that you should just have sex more often, it’s not about how much sex you are having all of the time, but rather about how much sex you are having during the ovulation window.

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