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Natural Women’s Fertility Tips: Four Things You Can Do Now to Increase Your Odds

Sometimes getting pregnant can be a real struggle for some couples. While genetics play a role on both sides, there are always alternative options that you can consider before resorting to a costly fertility clinic bill. The following four suggestions can help you to immediately improve your odds. Always make sure you discuss any pregnancy enhancers with your doctor, and gain their approval, before using them for the best results.

1. Predict Your Ovulation Better: As opposed to merely guessing when the window of your ovulation is occurring, newer ovulation prediction kits can help you pinpoint this key window to optimize pregnancy chances. A woman will generally only produce a solitary egg during her ovulation cycle. A special kit checks the blood for the Luteinizing Hormone, which is produced just before your egg drops. This can enable couples to maximize their chances of conception naturally based upon knowing the exact ovulation cycle.

2. Special Lubrications: Newer lubrications are designed to aid the sperm by working to increase its motility. One product, such as Preseed, helps to increase the amount of cervical mucous that’s being created, which in turn aids the sperm in reaching the uterus and inseminating the awaiting egg.

3. Expectorants: You would never think that certain expectorants such as common cough syrups that are sold over the counter could help you get pregnant more easily. But studies concur that they help to thin the mucous in the cervix, which aids the sperm in reaching the egg by increasing motility.

4. Caffeine Reduction: Experts say that by reducing your caffeine intake, or by eliminating it altogether, you can increase pregnancy chances. Numerous studies purport a direct link between even moderated caffeine consumption and decreased conception rates. Even caffeine that’s found in soda and green tea can mar your chances. Abstain from this perky pick-me-up to better improve your conception odds.

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