The Causes of Chronic Prostatitis: Treatment Options and Underlying Issues

There can be many causes of chronic prostatitis. Treatment will often vary depending on specific cases of this condition, but for the most part, the symptoms are manifested by the same underlying issues. Infection in the urinary tract typically causes most cases, but other forms of prostatitis can result from physical injury, stress, or nearby nerve damage.


Overall, prostatitis is a condition unique to men where their prostate becomes swollen, tender, or inflamed. This can facilitate a host of symptomatic issues that can sometimes lead to permanent infertility if not properly treated. There four common types of prostatitis:

  • Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis: mild and more common in older men
  • Acute Bacterial Prostatitis: can turn severe very quickly
  • Chronic Prostatitis/ Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: most common type that mimics chronic prostatitis but without a bacterial infection
  • Asymptomatic Prostatitis: no symptoms manifest and it doesn’t require direct treatment


Chronic Prostatitis Symptoms


Symptoms of prostatitis include a wide range of physical irritations and internal pain mostly centered within and around the pelvic region. Severe cases of acute prostatitis can result in chills, fevers, muscle aches, joint/lower back pain, and trouble urinating. Milder cases carry similar symptoms but also include urinary blockages and UTIs.   


Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome share the same signs as chronic prostatitis and is often associated with certain immune disorders like chronic fatigue syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome. Asymptomatic cases don’t necessarily produce any symptoms and require a blood test to determine its presence.


Risk Factors:


You’re  more  likely  to  develop  prostatitis  or  other  prostate-related  diseases  if  you’re:

  • Between the ages of 36-50
  • Had a UTI
  • Experienced groin injury
  • Use a urinary catheter
  • Had a prostate biopsy
  • Have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS
  • Had prostatitis before


Natural Remedies for Prostatitis Problems


Natural remedies do exist, and many clinical studies have found them to be just as effective, or even more so than traditional treatment options. YAD-Tech offers an all-natural treatment alternative called Querceta, a remedy primarily composed of the powerful flavonoid, Quercetin. Prostatitis symptoms have been known to react well to flavonoids, which are plant chemicals that possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antineoplastic properties.  


Filled with trace amounts of Zinc, Lycopene, and Vitamin D, some studies have also suggested that unchecked inflammation can become one of the leading causes of prostate cancer. Though more research on that is warranted, the properties that Querceta provides have been shown to reduce all kinds of inflammatory problems without compromising other facets of your health.


Get Treatment Now


If you believe you’re experiencing  Prostatitis,  or suffer from similar symptoms, then head to over to our online shop and order your  Querceta  today. Don’t let inflammation go untreated, receive natural help from a high-quality provider now.  

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